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MCA Chess Leagues

From this season onwards we are using the new and advanced Chess League Manager CLM 3 for our leagues, tournaments and knock-out-competitions.

In the last year we worked hard to adjust the CLM 3 to our requirements. In close co-operation with the developer team we made all necessary changes and translated everything. As one of the results, the english version of the CLM 3 has now become part of the CLM-project and we will benefit from every update.

The CLM 3 is one of the most advanced Chess League Management Systems. We hope you will enjoy the new CLM 3 too.

The Leagues of the previous seasons have been migrated to the CLM 3 Archive. Have a look and get an impression.

The CLM 3 is ready to process ELO-based rating numbers. The ECF has not introduced these numbers till today, but sooner or later, like Wales, Scotland, Germany and many others, I think they will. We in Merseyside are ready for this.

Martin Blasczyk, MCA Webmaster